Commercial Painting

Our Commercial Painting Services

Hat City Painting Service offers one of the best Commercial Painting Service for any sized business in Danbury Connecticut. We cater to huge enterprises to small time business owners, and fulfill any of our clients painting needs. We make sure that our painting project is completed giving you the best quality possible in a timely manner. Everyone knows that having a nice and pleasing establishment helps in attracting customers into your business or store. With that, we understand how important it is to get the right color of paint for the interior and exterior of your property depending in which industry you are in. Not only do we know that having the right color of paint attracts customers, but we also understand that some colors help affect the customers mood while inside your store. At first, the painting color has to be eye catching on the exterior of your business. Once they are inside the interior of your business, we are familiar with certain colors that will help them increase their mood, which should lead to more sales. When it comes to commercial painting, our service is an expert in this field, and we will gladly help you with all your commercial painting needs. You may contact us on our website or call us at 475-323-6300 for a free consultation!

Why Choose Hat City Painting Service For Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting services at Hat City Painting Service is not only the best when it comes to commercial, but we are also experienced in this line of work. With years of experience between our commercial painters, house painters, and our project managers, we have been successful in the commercial painting industry by using color psychology in marketing, and use the best quality painting material available in the market today. From exterior painting to interior painting, our commercial painters are well trained in the process of handling all your painting needs. Not only do we specialize in commercial painting, but we also do work on residential painting projects as well. 

Why choose Danbury Painting Services
Our commercial painters

Our Commercial Painters

Here at Hat City Painting Service, we only hire the best commercial painters commercial painting and residential painting needs in the Danbury area. Our commercial painters are experienced when it comes to painting the interior and exterior of any commercial property. Rest assured, we keep our professional painters safe by using the latest equipment and creating a sturdy scaffolding when the project for exterior painting requires it. As for interior painting, we have trained our professional painters to have sturdy and calm hands, so that we don’t make a mess in your property. We believe in taking good care of our professional painters. With that, we have seen our painters yield a better and more consistent result when it comes to any painting project. Consistency from our painters is key when it comes to commercial painting. You may call us and our painters at 475-323-6300 for a free quote.

Our Commercial Painting Process

Our project manager will visit your job sites or job sites to discuss the details of the commercial painting process. Once everything is completed, we will immediately get started on the project.

Planning Ahead

 During this time, we will  identify the important specifications such as paint color combination, painting materials, and time for job completion. Catering to all businesses in the Danbury area from small officers to large industrial and commercial facilities, we make sure to plan ahead, so that we can meet your desired commercial painting results as fast as possible. 

Preparing Your Property For Painting

Once the planning stage is complete, we will find the best paint and painting materials needed to complete the our painting project. we will prepare all the necessary requirements and permits to be able to allow our painting experts proceed with painting the exterior and interior of your property. 

Commercial painting process

At Hat City Painting Service You Can Count On Us To..

  • To Give A Free Consultation – We will provide you a free quotation any house painting service you need from interior to exterior painting.

  • Provide Quality Work In A Timely Manner – Our team of professional painters are ready to serve with you to complete any project on time.

  • Flexible Scheduling Of Work Hours – We make sure that we comply with the work hours given to us by our customers as to not to disturb anyone.

  • Affordable And Friendly Rates – We know that budget could be tight at times, but our customer service team will help you get the best rates possible.

  • Complete Cleanliness – In order to maintain the cleanliness of your property, we have trained our crew to clean up any mess that our project could cause.